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The next class of Operation Silverback starting in June 2019 has sold out. Download the case study to get on the waitlist for our next class.

Train to become the ultimate hybrid strength athlete, compete in weekly competitions, win up to $2000 in prizes as a team, and live at your peak.

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“Operation Silverback builds beasts, I’m amazed at this programs ability to improve both strength and capacity. Plus, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to be competing again on a weekly basis.” » Kyle Dobbs | Owner of Compound Performance

The Silverback Way

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If you want to truly evolve, it’s going to take more than some good programming. Simply put, environment and competition trump all, and without it, you are placing a ceiling on your potential.


Being part of a tribe is rooted in our DNA and if you want to tap into your deep, unknown corners of potential you’ll need the comradery, support, brotherhood and accountability a tribe provides.

Meaningful Competition

Competition brings out the best in people. It gives meaning to every day, every set, every rep and every breath you take. But competition with nothing on the line is a fake promise, which is why we’re throwing down over $6000 worth of prizes over the course of this 6-month program.


We can think of nothing worse than being the same person 6 months from now that you are today. At Silverback, we believe you should swim with sharks daily. Surround yourself with stronger, better humans that’ll push you day in and day out, and watch the rising tide raise all ships


How It Works

Being a savage in allaspects of your life are three simple steps away:

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Form a

You will compete in teams of three, so grab two buddies to form a team of your own or apply as a free agent and we’ll place you on a team. Sorry ladies, but this program is reserved just for men.


Train &

Train, eat, recover and compete in weekly competitions against other men from around the world for 6months. Teams will be awarded points based on how they finish in each competition, prizes will be given to the winning team of each month, and the grand prize for the overall winning team is your money back plus $500.


Evolve &

When you combine mad scientist programming with environment and competition, you have no option but to evolve into your ultimate form.
Mad scientist programming + environment + competition = evolution of the organism

Why Silverback is Different

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When it comes to training, and life for that matter, many people are unsatisfied with the progress they are making, and it’s not because they lack the will, passion or fire to work hard. At Silverback, we combine mad scientist programming, environment and competition to take the breaks off and help people build strength, power, size and horsepower unlike they’ve ever seen.

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The Results

Who Is This For?

The Silverback Training Project is a 6-month intensive, men only (sorry ladies) coaching group intended for the following:

  • For You:
  • The gym is your sanctuary and you live for the 1-2 hours you get to let it eat each day
  • You have several years of training under your belt
  • You have big goals, are unsatisfied with where you currently are, and are hungry for more
  • You have access to a well-equipped gym
  • You enjoy the process, the grind and busting your ass
  • You’re a meathead
  • You believe in spending every hour of every day working to get 1% better
  • You know you have more potential than you’ve realized so far
  • You know what you want to achieve, but just don’t know how to get there
  • Not For You:
  • You go to the gym because you feel like you should
  • You’re a beginner
  • You are crushing life and are completely satisfied with the results you’re seeing
  • You have access to a few dumbbells, bands and a physioball
  • You want a “quick fix” or “magic pill”
  • You’re a weekend warrior
  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You’re the GOAT
  • You wake up everyday knowing exactly what you need to do.

Whats My Investment

Do you feel like you’re truly living up to your potential? Are you living at your absolute peak in the realms of health, performance and personal growth? Do you feel like your training has purpose and that you are surrounded by 15-30 other guys all dialed into the same things? If not, then you aren’t being fair to yourself. You have one life to live, and you might as well do it to the absolute max.

The Variable Pricing Scale

At Silverback, our #1 priority is bringing together 30 amazing, dialed in humans all ready to get after it and push one another to new heights. For this reason, the Silverback Training Project offers a variable pricing scale. Come to us ready to get after it, but pay what you can realistically afford. If you can make $250/month happen that's awesome, but if $175/month is all you can swing then we'll work with that too. We want people who are hungry to get better and hungry to help those around them get better as well. All we ask is that you are fair and honest with us about what you can realistically afford.


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